Client Stories

"It's an automatic transfer to my tennis game, I'm moving the ball better"

"A 3-hour match now feels like a 2-hour match for the simple fact I'm not tired at all. It's just a better general feel on the court "

                          Manav Ramesh, New Jersey High School tennis player

"I've added a lot of muscle mass to my body. I feel myself getting stronger every day"

"You really learn how to take care of your body"

When asked abou the transfer to his tennis game:
"Hitting the ball harder, more focus, I feel more mentally strong I think is as a result of working out 3x a week"

                                  Conor Breen, NJ High School tennis player

"To be honest, it's one of the best things I've ever done"

 "I'm really enjoying the results"

                                        Shane Berger, New Jersey

“The training and nutrition at Centercourt has done wonders on and off the court. I feel faster, stronger, and subsequently more confident on the court. It’s incredible how training certain muscles, some of which might not even be visible, can make such an incredible difference in your game. Not only have I learned the importance of strength training, but I have also learned the importance of nutrition. Just by fueling my body with the right foods, with the right amount of protein, carbs, fat etc.., the intensity and quality of my workouts on the court and in the gym have increased tremendously. Come to Centercourt and give it all you got, and trust me you'll see results.”

Olenka Olesnycky, NJ High School tennis player

“The training and nutrition programs offered here at Centercourt have made a tremendous impact on my tennis game. Before the programs, I was weak and got hurt often. Now, in my 3rd week of my nutrition program, I am feeling stronger and never have an empty stomach. I recommend this program to anyone of any sport who wants to get stronger and learn the proper eating habits.”

Greg Olesnycky, NJ High School tennis player


After a tough prowler pushing workout, Tsipi (a trained chef) speaks about what she learned in her nutrition consultation, how her nutrition habits have changed, her thoughts on breakfast, and how changing the way you eat can improve your workouts and your life

                                                           Tsipi Kaplan, New Jersey

I met Seth at a nutrition seminar held at Excel Workout in Manhasset, New York. I was impressed with his presentation and decided to book a month of services with him. My initial consult was very thorough, followed by three follow-up visits. Seth set me up with a nutrition meal plan that I found very easy to follow. During the week if I had any questions/concerns he promptly responded to my e-mails. In less than a month I lost 3.5lbs and 2 inches. Thanks Seth.

Wende Batel

I started working with Seth in the summer of 2007. At the time I was unhappy with my workout routine, and I was looking to build muscle and strength while at the same time stay lean. As a result of Seth’s innovative ideas, true expertise, and easy training programs, I have been able to achieve all of my goals. As a college student, it is often difficult to fit in time to work out, as well as be motivated to exercise. Seth poses easy challenges and obtainable goals. I would highly recommend speaking with Seth and taking all of his advice into consideration. I believe that his concepts are entirely achievable with only a modest amount of time and expenditure necessary.

Natalie Tanenbaum, College student


For years I ate plenty of fruit, lifted weights, and jogged regularly. But I wasn't losing weight. Until I started working with Seth, I didn't realize the flaws in my game plan. Seth emphasized that "pounding" certain foods (broccoli, apples) was great but raisins were too caloric to be eaten in abundance. Seth also urged me to switch from jogging on flat land to hill sprinting; and from biceps curls to squatting. The point is, I was allocating the correct amounts of time and thought and personal discipline to weight loss, but not getting results because of a lack of knowledge. Seth's tidbits of knowledge have made it easier for me to get down from a 38 inch waist to a 36 and to keep going.

Ilan Mochari, Novelist and Sports Writer

Seth has been a tremendous asset to me, both personally and professionally. As a trainer, I am well aware of what we all think of as proper nutrition, but Seth helped me see the mistakes I was making in my own eating habits, mistakes that were sabotaging my fitness goals. Seth offers real world solutions based on your current lifestyle. He offers tweaks and ideas that on the surface are really minor little changes or shifts. Over time the results are impressive.

Dave Hall, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

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