Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Generation UCAN Do For You

Are you lost when it comes to figuring out what to eat or drink before practice, a big game, or a long training session?

After speaking with some top collegiate athletes, it seems many don't know what to eat and drink.  Guess what I have found is the most popular snack before a sports practice?  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I don't know how it started but this is most athletes go-to pre-practice snack - especially Tri-athletes :)  I'm not saying PB & J is terrible to eat before physical activity, I just want to show you something that will work a million times better. 


Generation UCAN is a new and amazing pre-workout supplement.  It is powered by a slow and time-releasing carbohydrate - Superstarch (a modified form of corn starch).

How does Generation UCAN's Superstarch work?

Superstarch empties through the stomach quickly, and then is slowly digested in the intestines.  What this does is provide a slow, time-released absorption of the Superstarch into the bloodstream.  Because of this, you will have stable blood sugar levels, minimal release of insulin, and maximal energy levels.  There is no high or low with Superstarch, just stable energy which is really what everyone really needs.

Because it empties through the stomach quickly, it is great for those who don't want that feeling of "food" in their stomach before physical activity, but need stable energy.  No one wants to feel hungry before they train.

What will stable blood sugar do for an athlete?

Stable blood sugar is the key to enhancing performance and reducing body fat. When your blood sugar is stable, your body doesn't need to pump out insulin (a fat storage hormone) and your body can actually use stored fat as fuel.  In addition, when your blood sugar is stable, your brain will get a time-released, steady supply of glucose which will help and enhance your focus.  This is an amazing effect!!
Foods and supplements today provide too much of an "up and down" effect, or if you remember from math class, a cosine curve.  Fast-digesting carbohydrates rush through you, give you energy for 10 minutes, and then you crash.  Life has so many ups and downs, why should you make your blood sugar suffer the same way?

Generation UCAN's Superstarch is currently a powder sold in packets.

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Grab a shaker bottle, put the powder in it, add 16 oz of cold water, and shake it like you mean it!

Or use a blender..