Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's time to get lean and healthy!

What can you expect to occur during a nutrition consultation?

A nutrition consultation is based on an “integrated approach” that examines the problem or disease (such as being overweight) as it relates to biological, psychological, and social factors. Exercise is also discussed, as diet and exercise are so interrelated.

If you are overweight, on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes, want to maximize your efforts in the gym, or you just want to feel healthy and energetic, a nutrition consultation is the first step. If you are willing to take action right now, and stop procrastinating, take advantage of a $100 nutrition consultation fee. We can have the consultation in my office, on the phone, or at a convenient location. This offer is for those who schedule an appointment within the month of February.

And remember, this is not, “What can I look like in two weeks, but rather, what will I look like and how will I feel in 3 months, or better yet, how will I look and feel in a year.”

Take action and start feeling better again!

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