Saturday, January 16, 2010

What does it take?

That is, what does it take to actually make a change? What does it take to be “locked in” and committed 100 percent to achieving your goal. Many people spend days, months, and even years dancing around, trying different diets and exercise programs without ever being fully committed.

The following questions come to mind: Are they not committed to making a change? Are they unmotivated? Is their plan overly complicated and confusing?

I’d argue that it takes a serious reason or revelation to become “locked in” to achieving your goal. When you are “locked in”, you are serious, committed, and there is NO turning back.

I’m going to tell you a quick story about a man who danced around for a few years before he became “locked in”. Let’s call him Client X. Client X had gained significant weight after college. He realized this, but had a hectic lifestyle, and was not committed at the time to making a change. He danced around his weight problem for a few years, trying various methods, but he never got to the point where he was “locked in”.

Flash forward to today: I am proud to announce that Client X is now “locked in”. He wants to lose his gut badly. He does not want to have heart disease at age 30. He wants to be healthy for himself, but also for his family. He wants to be able to play basketball and beat his opponents because he is in better shape and faster. He realizes his “gut” is what stands in his way. He is aware, ready, and is taking massive action to achieving his goals.

I went to help Client X in the gym today. He squatted for the first time in his life. He did numerous sets and was grinding out each rep. He was working extremely hard and accomplishing his goal for the day. Client X finally experienced the incredible feeling after an intense squat session. He left the gym and accomplished his goal for the day, while others in the gym were only thinking about their goal.

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