Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How do you actually eat less?

Simple Strategies To Help You Eat Less

Let’s start with dinner, as this is usually the “trouble” meal, when most eat their largest portions:

Dinner Strategies:

I.  Make use of a mini-meal.

1.  Before you eat dinner, eat this mini-meal:  a piece of fruit (any fruit), 1 cup of vegetables (any vegetables), and a portion of protein that is the size of a deck of cards (grilled chicken, fish, lean red meat, lean turkey/sliced turkey breast, tofu, eggs).   

By eating this mini-meal, you will be less likely to overeat at dinner.  After the mini-meal, your brain will have received signals that will suppress your hunger going into your actual dinner.

II. Another strategy would be to actually evaluate your hunger. 

1. Write down on a piece of paper your hunger level on a scale of 0 (no hunger) to 3 (extreme hunger).

2. Divide your meal into four equal portions.  After each portion, write down your hunger level.  This strategy will help you become self-aware of your hunger levels.

You could try this strategy for one meal a day for seven days to get the full effect.  My friend, and famous sports writer and novelist, Ilan Mochari, started doing this strategy, and he noticed that after doing this for a few days, he didn’t need to eat the last portion of his meal.  He noticed he was already full!  Try it out!





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  1. Great tips, Seth! Other ideas might include:
    1) Drink 16oz of water 15minutes before you eat. We often confuse thirst for hunger.
    2) Look at the clock when you begin to eat. If you finish in less than 15 minutes and still hungry, you may be eating too quickly to notice feelings of fullness. Slow down!
    3) Start your meal with a broth based soup. Researchers have consistently concluded that those who include soup in their meal eat less. Volumetrics, ba-by!
    Lacey J Hall, MS RD LDN (and Bronheim enthusiast)