Friday, October 16, 2009


I want to discuss a Question on Elitefts's website.  It was a question to Jim Wendler.  And this question kills me!

A person says:
I notice on your log you went 540x8 and then 570x7 and then 550x8, did you lose strength? If you got 570x7 and then 2 weeks later after deloading you got 550x8 that would mean you lost strength.

Jim replies: Yep.  Getting weaker. All part of the plan.

This person obviously has never experienced 531 and also does not GET training at all.  As anyone who truly does 531 knows, the 555 day (you do 3 sets of 5 reps) can be hard as hell.  Hell, the last set is always hard.  Some days you are just happy to get the 5 reps on the last set and other days you can hit an insane rep PR. 

Another situation I'd like to discuss: 

I was at my gym the other day doing Good Mornings (GMs).  I was doing 5 sets of 10 with 95 pounds.  This guy comes up to me and says, "Man, I'm jealous, I used to do good mornings all the time, then I tore my glute medius."  Then he needs to justify his training to me, so he says, yeah, I used to squat 385 and good morning 225."
(This guy was like 6 '2 and probably around 240. )

So, I say to him "you know, I get a lot more out of good mornings by going lighter" and this guy says "I was goin just as deep as you"  He clearly didn't get my point.

The point is, that when you do GM's, and have a slight and I am mean real slight bend in your knee, and push back with your hips (so that your toes almost come off the floor), you get so much more out of the movement than when you load the bar heavier, do a half squat Good morning, and miss the benefits of the movement.

If you Deadlift heavy (531 style), do you really need to do GM's heavy and do them as a half squat??  Leave your ego at the door.  Get results!

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