Friday, October 30, 2009

How to get Jacked without a Gym

What should you do if you want to stay in shape and rip off some body fat, yet can't make it to a gym?

Try body weight exercises: has a great exercise index to show you how to do these exercises.

Here is what to do on Day 1 if you have never done these exercises before:

Circuit 1:  Do these exercises back to back with no rest:
10 body weight squats
5-10 pushups
10 body weight lunges
5-10 push ups

Then repeat this 3x with 2 minutes rest in between each circuit

Now, if you are like Ben Bolanos, a man who thinks he is a veteran in the weight training world,

you should do this:

Advanced Bolanos Circuit:
20 Body weight squats
20 pushups
20 body weight lunges
20 close grip push ups

repeat 5 times:  2 minutes rest  in between

Ways to Progress the circuit:
- Each week try to cut the rest period by 15 seconds in between each circuit
- Add another circuit - so do it 6 times 
- Add reps to the exercises - make it 30 squats instead of 20

You can do these workouts before work.  Get it done early!  They will wake you up and get your body on fire for the whole day.  You will feel like a furnace and you will know you are stripping away body fat by the minute!

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