Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you hungry after breakfast?

A friend of mine, Ilan Mochari ( just got access to some Rice Protein Powder.  

So, he has been putting the Rice protein powder in his coffee.  His usual breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal and coffee.  So, I asked him if he has noticed any difference since using the protein powder in the morning?

His answer:  You know, the oatmeal would tie me over for an hour and then I would be hungry again.  Now, since the addition of the protein powder, I don't get hungry till later, it ties me over for much longer.  

There you go Ilan! The days of just cereal are over

Why Protein?  

Eating Protein secretes hormones that signal your brain that you are full.  It also helps balance blood sugar so you avoid low blood sugar following a meal which can make you feel really hungry.  

To feel satisfied after a meal, combine foods together.  For Breakfast, try not to have just carbohydrates (oatmeal) alone.  Throw some peanut butter (fat) in the oatmeal, and have some eggs (protein and fat) on the side.  

All 3 (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) help you feel full in different ways.  Eat all three together, and you maximize your chances of feeling satisfied after a meal (and not the need to eat an hour later)

In the morning, for protein, you could have eggs or cottage cheese on the side with your morning cereal. 

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  1. yo brahh.

    Do an entry about doing excersises without weights to stay in shape for periods of time when people can't work out or go to a gym.

    Currently i do 20 squats and 20 pushups consequtively twice a day just to keep me slightly above baseline. I have noticed my balance and form has improved in terms of the squat.