Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's been awhile....

Well, I am back posting.  I took a leave of absence to study for my Registered Dietitian Exam which I passed.  While studying I still trained very hard and hit some serious PRs in the weight room.  

To get the blog back in motion here are some very random training and nutrition thoughts:

1.  I can't wait to train in the winter.   I crave the cold barbell and being able to put the barbell on your back without it moving cause your sweating so much.  Chalk can only do so much.

2.  I just moved to NYC.  How are there no gyms with a good power rack.  Where are all the EFS power racks in NYC?

3.  I trained at the NYU gym yesterday.  How is it that they have only hexagon plates?  What a pain.  No Glute Ham Raise and no deadlift area.  

4.  Everyone needs to eat protein at breakfast.  A bowl of cereal is not enough if you want to get yacked.  Add eggs - whole eggs (the yolk has an insane nutrient profile) or cottage cheese.  Those 2 choices are convenient and an easy way to get protein in your breakfast.  All cereal eaters - are you ever hungry an hour later from your breakfast? - try adding protein to it and you may feel full longer.

5.  You know how I know you don't train?  If your wide awake at 2am partying and slamming beers on a regular occasion.  When you hit the sled, the prowler, squat weekly, deadlift, run hill sprints, military press, and chin and dip your face off - there is no way your up partying at 2am. 


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