Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seth - Hill Sprints

HILL SPRINTS at my old elementary school.

Just the Hill: 25 yards up the hill

Sprint before the hill is 40 yards and then up the hill is 20 yards.

Seth Farmer's Walk - No Chalk - 228 lb per hand for 30 yards

Dov - Farmer's Walk - No Chalk - 228 lb per hand for 40 yards

Farmer's Walk for 30 yards, turn around and then for another 10 yards.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Training at the Underground

Yesterday, my friend Dov and I were supposed to go to Zach Even Esh's Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ to observe him and his athletes.  Let me preface this by saying that the day before, we Farmer's walked 3 - lengths of ~30 yards with 228 pounds per hand, squatted (built up to 365 for a double), and did endless chinups and pullups.  (For the Farmer's walks, you have to deadlift to get the weight up and with 230 per hand it's no joke and then you have to walk with it.  It's crazy!) 

Well,  I thought I was going to be observing only.  I was mistaken!  When we got there, Zach asked us to train with the athletes, and I just could not say no.  I knew how hard I trained the day before, but, when you are in his gym, you just want to train!  We started out with Trap Bar deadlifts and this was the second time I ever did this exercise.  We were training in a group environment, so one lifter went after the other in a rotation.  It is awesome training in a group. Environment is everything!   I built up to 495 for a single and really had to grind it out and then I repped out 405 for 9 reps.  My whole body was on FIRE.   But the best part was other guys in the group were destroying 495 for sets of 3 to 5 while I was struggling to do 1 rep.  The weaker lifter always benefits from training with stronger guys.  
Then we went outside and used the sleds and prowler.  We were doing prowler sprints and forward and backward sled drags.  I had an insane lactic acid build up in my legs and could barely move.  It was incredible.  I spent the next hour observing Zach and his athletes training with a clinically insane nauseous feeling. 

Farmer's Walks

My First Blog Post:
Farmer's Walks, or as I like to call it "Farming" are an insane exercise and incredible for those new to the iron game.  Anyone who comes to my garage gym to train starts off with this exercise as their first "weight bearing" exercise.  It is easy to teach and also develops a massive upper back, traps, shoulders, and actually is great for ankle mobility.  

I've been using an 80 pound dumbell duck taped to a 45 pound dumbell for extra weight totaling 125 pounds per hand.  However, recently I got Farmer's Handles and you can add 45 pound plates to each side.  Dov (My training partner) and I loaded each side with 2 - 45 pound plates per side and go down my driveway which is 30 yards.  It was insane!  Videos are coming soon!  Stay Posted